Client Work – Amarie Design Studio

December 12, 2016

Product Installation Sheets (Fleet Engineers)

Client Work – Infinity Dental

December 12, 2016

One Page Flyer Meme-Inspired Social Media Graphics Bookmarks

Illustrator Work

May 22, 2016

This is a sampling of my Adobe Illustrator work.

Photo Emulation Project

May 22, 2016

This was for a visual research project in my digital photography class. After selecting a photographer, we had to research him or her then emulate the style of the photographer with our own photos. When I discovered Lee Friedlander, I was sold. He can take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!


May 22, 2016

This page showcases some layout work from a few different classes. It includes a newsletter, book cover, and magazine.  Laying out text is challenging.  It’s important to keep the text legible while keeping the pages attractive and easy to read.

Digital Painting – Wenceslas Square

May 20, 2016

I’ve become very intrigued with the idea of creating paintings in Photoshop. The artwork is already digitized and best of all, no mess to clean up! If you’re following Yay on Facebook, you’ve seen some of those experiments. I’m getting a few of them printed up as they are just to see how the resolution […]

Political Project

May 19, 2016

This was an interesting project. The purpose was to create a four page spread on a political topic of our choosing. We had to write a two page paper (who would’ve thought you would have to write a fully MLA cited paper in a graphic design class?) and turn it into a layout using the style of one of […]

Ginger Cat Knits Website Mockup

May 19, 2016

The purpose of this project was to create a website mockup in Adobe Illustrator for both desktop and mobile. It was to include a page for the following: home, catalog, gallery, product detail, shopping cart, about, and contact.  All photography is courtesy of Ginger Cat Knits.

Ginger Cat Knits Package Design

May 18, 2016

The purpose of this assignment was to design a package for something. Being a knitter, I noticed yarn and yarn kits rarely come in a box. I wanted to create a box that would hold the kit contents as well as be able to be used as a gift box when the project was finished.

Photo Composites

May 18, 2016

This is a sampling of my Photoshop work.